(A) Testimonials from Celebrities

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Commission portrait from photos

Sarah Brightman

Safura Alizadeh

Jason Baca

Nicole Melyer

Sara Sampaio

(B) Testimonials from Happy Private Clients


United Kingdom

Amro.. you have captured me perfectly. that soft sultry look in my eyes. the lips, the hair. you are seriously amazing artist!



Thank you from bottom of my heart my dear Amro. It is great to see your finishing artwork. I love everything what you sent. My kids will be delighted for sure. This two words THANK YOU is poor to explain what I feel now. I wish you all the best in the world. 



Oh my,...I'm so glad I've received your artwork on time. It's sooooo beautiful and talented and inspiring work! 
Thank you SO much for this! 


United States

I would like to thank you for your overwhelming response to my request. It was especially nice coming from an artist of your skill. I have been "watching" you for some time now and have been simply blown away with your magnificent work. You are very kind and generous!


United States

The painting look amazing. Thank you so much and truly you are a true artist!



 I am in LOOVE! with your painting!! You are beyond talented and I look as pretty as any of those girls. 



Totally perfect, you capture each piece so beautifully with every detail. Love this. 


United States

Another brilliantly painted portrait! You did an amazing job as always! Thank you again.


United States

Love the expression and the pose, very flirty and sexy without being too much, beautiful work.


United States

This is beyond stunning and it really captures the realism in the entire art piece. I'm honestly captivated by your artwork and I would love to do more artworks with you, Good job.


United States

Dear Amro, great painting skills. Face turned really pretty. Good job on the hair. Skin texture is also nice. Really nice realism.


United Kingdom

Beautiful lady and smile. always make me feel happy when I look to your astonishing painting ! Well done


United States

Stunning artwork! Your painting takes my breath away. Thanks a lot Mr. Amro

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